the illusion of difference

People argue a lot, very often about a thing called "god". We fight and kill for reasons to do with a thing called "god".

There are many different fights about god, including but not limited to fights about the existence of god (whether ze exists), the nature of god (what ze is), how we should interact with god, and whether there is one god or many gods or many aspects of the one god. There are fights between people called “believers” and people called “atheists”. There are fights between those who believe they believe in a different god to the god or gods in which others believe they believe. There are fights between people who believe that god is “X” versus people who believe “Y” is god. There are fights between people who believe the name of god is Poseidon and people who believe the name of god is Neptune.

Of course, god is not the only thing we kill each other about. We kill each other for political reasons (to do with power), economic (wealth, resources), cultural, racial and more: you name it, we’ll kill in the name of it.)

We have seen the effects: Crucifixions. Burnings at the stake. People fed to lions. Lampshades of human skin. Crusaders and Saracens. Tutsis and Hutus. Northern Ireland. Jerusalem. Baghdad. Iraq. Afghanistan. Been there, done that.

Now, we could keep on the same way: fighting, arguing, killing. If that’s what we want to do, choose to do. If we feel it serves our purposes to keep fighting, then that is what we should continue to do. That’s assuming we want to serve our purposes. If we choose not to serve our own purposes, we are choosing self-destruction: neurotic if not pathological behaviour. (By the way, what are our purposes?)

Or, we could stop fighting, if we desired to, because actually there is no disagreement, nothing to fight about. Actually, we’re all in agreement, have been forevermore, will be forevermore. We just don’t see it.

We don’t see it for three sets of reasons. The first has to do with language, the meaning of words. The second concerns the Gestalt, set theory: the relationships and interactions between the whole and its parts, and between parts and other parts. The third concerns the Self: what it is, where it is, what it encompasses). Let’s look at the first set first, concerning language.

For starters, let’s not use the word “god”. There is just too much accumulated emotional, cultural and psychological baggage carried on the back of the word “god” (or “Allah”, “Yahweh”, “Ahura Mazda”, “Zeus”, “Shiva”, “Wandjina” or any so-called “name” of god in any language). So let’s start from scratch. Let’s invent a new label, a new word, something neutral, something without connotations or implications. How about "Everything That Is", or even for that matter, "Everything" (as opposed to "every thing")? As in, for example, “her faith in Everything helped sustain her through a difficult childhood”. Or, “…they believe in a personal Everything…”.

More on this some other time or place, but for now let's bear in mind one simple proposition: every thing is part of Everything.


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