Divine Masturbation

Background image: Hubble Space Telescope. Animation by Cosmic Rapture.
Long, long ago at the dawn of time
even before the primordial slime
when stretching ahead were all the millennia
in which quite a lot, if not more, even many a
tragic mistake or foul evil plot
lay in the future but not at year dot.

Right at the top of history’s first page
when many an era and aeon and age
loomed far ahead to the greatest extent
was writ a uniquely dramatic event
that some call the Bang that was huge if not big
(please pass me my drink and light me a cig).

It wasn’t just huge, the bang was gigantic
God had felt mellow and flirty, romantic
sultry and horny and steamy and loose
in the mood to create not just reproduce
it’s really not strange, unusual or odd
to find thoughts of love in the mind of a god.

How else could the world have ever been born
so long ago on that very first morn?
but who was the female and who the male?
who held the hammer that hammered the nail?
who was the yin and who was the yang?
who entered whom in that very first bang?

Was it asexual parthenogenesis
dividing oneself to avoid the nemesis
that some see as death and some say is life
when you don’t need a husband nor even a wife?
When god made the world in an act of creation
perhaps it was simply divine masturbation.

Published in AWAREWOLF & OTHER CRHYMES AGAINST HUMANITY for kindle, tablet, smartphone or e-reader.


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