A Spasm of Vitriolic Verses, Hellacious Haiku, Pustulent Poems, Satanic Sonnets, Lupine Limericks and Odious Odes.


A Spasm of Vitriolic Verses, Hellacious Haiku, Pustulent Poems, Satanic Sonnets, Lupine Limericks and Odious Odes. Read 'em on any device: Tablet, Smartphone, e-Reader, Laptop or Desktop.

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Adults-only, read 'em and weep. Here's a sample:

I came upon a golem
“encountered” one might say
eating dust as golems must
all bloody, muddy day.

I came upon a zombie
’twas a zombie that I saw
gobbling brains ’til brainy stains
remained upon the floor.

I came upon a vampire
’twas a vampire I did see
drinking blood that streamed in flood
bright red quite readily.

I came upon a werewolf
“awarewolf” as it were
its hungry eyes saw my demise
my death, if you prefer.

I came upon the humans
within their global sauna
they ate a world, and then they hurled
their guts out in a corner.


Published in AWAREWOLF & OTHER CRHYMES AGAINST HUMANITY for kindle, tablet, smartphone or e-reader.


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(for kindle, tablet, smartphone or e-reader.)

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