The Law of the Conservation of Crap

Photo of Planet Earth by Flicker user DonkeyHotey under CC Attribution License. 
Photo of Planet Earth by Flicker user DonkeyHotey under CC Attribution License. "My Daily Poo": Photo of toilet bowl by Billy Danner on his page at dailyscat dot blogspot dot com dot au. Animation by masterymistery.
Most critters including humans get their get-up-and-go from the stuff they eat and drink. And they get stuff to eat and drink by using their get-up-and-go to hunt or fish or harvest crops or stroll to the nearest McDonalds.

Scientists say you can’t create or destroy get-up-and-go. You can only change it into a different form of get-up-and-go, or into stuff.

Likewise, they say you can’t create or destroy stuff, you can only change it into other stuff or into get-up-and-go. For example, you can’t destroy a Big Mac, you can only change it into stuff.

By now you’re thinking this post is just a load of reprocessed burger. You’re probably snarling into your thickshake, “who says you can't make new stuff or get rid of existing stuff?”

“Says the Law!”

“What frickin’ law?”

“The Law of the Conservation of Get-up-and-go, one of the conservation laws said to govern the universe (whatever that is).”

But whether you conserve or you don't, if you eat too much you’re stuffed. And once you're stuffed, you're stuffed. If you're too massive, you just can't get up and go. But that's not necessarily a problem. Because even if you can't get rid of stuff, you can always move it somewhere else. Like into the Ocean.


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Tim Bowers said...

fine fun here... enjoy it, i do. here's one for you:

Thinkest thou such things as this can be true, in thy philosophy?

masterymistery said...

Hi Tim

Welcome to Pandemonium!

As to ESP, psychic powers, telekinesis, etc, I think there is nothing in principle that would prevent them from being true. In other words, yes, I think they COULD BE true. As to whether they ARE true, I don't know. And as far as I'm aware, there has been no conclusive evidence pointing one way or the other.

I believe there is no such thing as the "supernatural". There is only "the natural". Parts of the natural we think we understand, and other parts of the natural we don't understand and can't explain. Yet. But perhaps we will, one day.

I myself have had some very strange experiences in the course of two major epiphanies that helped open my eyes and my mind a little wider. None of those strange experiences were specifically or directly about ESP, psychic powers and telekinesis. But they were sufficiently strange to completely transform my understanding of Reality.

I'm smart and well-educated and was brought up in a "free-thinking" household/family that placed a high value on independent thought, and encouraged us not to accept anything on trust, i.e. without evidence.

Prior to my first epiphany at age 47, I had been a cynical, hard-edged, rationalist, reductionist, materialist, atheist. My spirituality was zero. As that person, I totally rejected all such things as ESP etc as being "total rubbish".

And yet, in the space of a couple days, I changed into a "holist" pantheist, with a mind open to all possibilities, and a spiritual aspect to my existence, personality and aspirations.

I'm still very hard-edged and cynical. I still think in a very practical pragmatic evidence-based way. I still analyse things to within an inch of their lives. I still enjoy educating myself about how the world works, technically, i.e. I'm very interested in science especially quantum physics.

And I don't think that science excludes spirituality, or that spirituality excludes science. I think they are both essential parts of a clear understanding of Reality.

I completely and utterly and totally reject the idea that science and religion have nothing to do with each other. That idea is a false dichotomy that has produced endless misery and suffering on this planet.

Scientist Stephen Jay Gould came up with the term "non-overlapping magisteria" which implies that science and religion/spirituality represent different areas of inquiry, i.e. they don't overlap.

But I don't agree that science and religion have nothing to do with each other. I think the overlap between science and religion is total, 100%, i.e. they are simply different perspectives on the same underlying thing.

There are a number of posts in this blog that examine the issue of science vs religion, and integrates those two disciplines into one, non-contradictory, holistic explanation of Reality:




Thanks for stopping by to visit, and thanks for your comment and link.

There are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamed of by scientists, materialists, reductionists and other horse-thieves!

Steve (aka Masterymistery and Cosmic Rapture)

Anonymous said...

Always an inspiration. Thank you.

Tim Bowers said... << russell targ, physicist at SRI << graham hancock

masterymistery said...

Thanks Tim. I think I've read everything Graham Hancock's ever written: his stuff rocks! I"m not familiar with Targ, but look forward to catching up. Thanks for the links.